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Bucharest: the city that nurtures success, the city that murders success

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In the Icoanei garden in Bucharest’s 19th century centre, there is a fountain which gushes out water and tumbles into a stream that winds to the other end of the park to meet a large pond. Children play here. They jump over the stream. Sometimes they kick sand in the water. They throw sticks in the pond. Bottles and cigarette ends bob up and down in the water, but this is not a dump infested by lice and rats.

One day in late spring, spawn appeared in the water. Hundreds of jellied spheres emerged along the stream, in the pond and in the fountain. The children stopped splashing the water and asked their parents:

What are these? Can we touch them?

These are eggs, we explained to our kids. First they start with a white ball hosting a black dot. Next week…

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” There’s some incredible places to visit in Romania”, the words of a British living in Romania

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A video series entitled ” Romania through their eyes” interviews foreigners that have chosen Romania as their home. While between 2.7-3.5 million Romanians immigrated to Western countries, Romania also has been the country of destination for around 198,839 immigrants from all over the world.

Damian Galvin is a British citizen who came to Romania to do charity work and fell in love with the place. He admitted that one of the reasons for liking the place is because he had an affinity with the Latin culture. He pointed out that he liked Romania for several reasons, such as the fact that the country kept its identity, its old fashion values, that family values are still important and marriage is still viewed as an important institution. However, he believes these things will change in time.

He also noticed how bureaucracy complicates people’s lives. For example, the simple fact of paying the gas…

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Protest pentru salvarea padurilor din Romania / evenimente Oradea

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Un nou protest a fost anunţat pe facebook, are ca subiect despăduririle masive din ultimii ani şi încercarea de salvare a pădurilor din România. Evenimentul va avea loc sîmbăta asta, 9 mai 2015, începînd de la ora 16 în mai multe oraşe din ţară (Bucureşti, Cluj, Ploieşti, Braşov, Sibiu, Suceava, Focşani, Iaşi, Vaslui, Tîrgovişte, Alba Iulia), dar şi în Viena: Protest pentru salvarea padurilor din Romania / evenimente Oradea / Felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

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Hospitality, Normalcy, and Soft-core cycle touring in Romania

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I left the hotel room looking like some survivalist’s fallout shelter. It was littered with empty 5 litre bottles of water and empty packets of various bland, long-shelf life food items. I had lost 5 days to a case of food poisoning and, more notably, television; the novelty of lying in bed for hours, ‘catching up on’ (binge watching) particular shows felt oddly reminiscent of my previous, ‘normal’ life and reminded me of one of the reasons why I went on this bike ride in the first place.

But less than 24 hours after that Game of Thrones binge, I found myself setting up my tent in the garden of someone I just met before joining them for a barbeque, a couple of beers, and a conversation that depended more on charades than a common language. It is strange that this sort of thing has become as normal in the…

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Architectural tour in Bellu Cemetery – the national pantheon of Romania, Sunday 10 May

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Dear readers,

I am organising a thematic two hours walking tour (between 11.30h – 13.30h) this Sunday 10 May 2015, on the less conventional subject of after-life or funerary architecture found within the confines of Bellu Cemetery, the most famous and exquisitely embellished necropolis of Romania, the equivalent in these parts of Europe of Paris’ Père Lachaise or London’s Highgate cemetery. It may be of interest to any of you visiting the city as a tourist or on business looking to find out more about its fascinating historic architecture and identity.

Bellu Cemetery is considered the National Pantheon of this country, containing the graves and remarkable funerary monuments of important personalities that built the modern Romanian nation, people such as Mihai Eminescu, the national poet, Ion Mincu, the initiator of the Neo-Romanian architectural style or general Christian Tell, one of the heroes of 1848 Revolution. It was opened in 1858…

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