If These Walls Could Talk!

An Englishman Goes To Transylvania!

In Europe the currents of history tend to run deep. So it’s no surprise that Cluj’s own timeline stretches back a ways. A couple of millennia or so ago, before the slow motion road-crash that is the European Union was conceived, a Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemy (AD 85 – 165) recorded a settlement here, it’s name now lost in the chaos of the intervening time-stream.

Then, around AD106, the Roman’s arrived with some very fancy ideas for the time,  they imposed a new catchy name; Municipium Aelium Hadrianum Napoca. Now, why would you want to change that, ever?

Eventually though something closer to it’s current name appeared,  around 1213 it was called Castrum Clus.

Move forward to the 13th Century and the town was enclosed within a substantial defensive wall with Bastions. Sadly, in an act of what can only be called cultural vandalism, the majority of the wall, and…

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