UnWineD Sauvignon Blanc



From Bacchus birthplace comes a new savvy and easy accessable wine

Made by Romanian based Cramele recas winery…… you say Romania yes

Romania lies on similar latitudes to Bordeaux, Piedmont and other renowned winemaking regions. the first signs of viticulture date back from roman times. in their century AD. Earlier legends tell of the god of wine Bacchus spending his childhood here.

The people here have not been satisfied to live on the glory of the past and have invested heavily in the last few years to transform tradition into outstanding wines, through state of the art technology.

The result: good quality wines to enjoy daily

Recas is one of the best Romanian vinters that produces excellent wines Their philosophy is simple- to apply the absolute best production methods to every single wine,- to enhance and preserve the natural quality of the grapes- and provide a consistently high quality product…

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