Luton Airport, Costa Coffee, Arrivals, 5 weeks later. This time I came out through the Arrivals gate as well. I didn’t feel the need to have someone waiting for me because I still feel the tight, warm hugs I left with.


It’s the last university holiday from which I return to Falmouth. Normally the long journey exhausts me, but now I am grateful it gives me  time to rewind and process the events and explosion of feelings I felt home.


It’s a beautiful period for Three Beats, explained as well by our absence.

L.B. is in India, filling our days with spicy, vibrant, accessorized, warm and upside down photos.


K.A.E. is in a rehearsal loop but each week for another show or another challenge. I spoiled my camera a lot with her.

(Photo: Daniel Calin)



My story can be summed up by behind the scenes photos. But…

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