Five Romanian women in a bus and I…



The title of this thing I guess I’ll call a blog was nearly „” and I laughed and laughed at it’s brilliance with a new friend while eating Mexican and drinking margaritas.  How funny I thought it was probably had a lot to do with tequila.  Tequila makes me RULL happy.  Remind me to tell you about the one time my mom bet me that a Mexican waiter wouldn’t let me take a frozen margarita with me to the dentist in a to-go cup AND HE DID.  That’s for another time.

Where was I? Right!  Romania. Me trying to get to Romania last summer is like 8 stories wrapped up in 48 short hours.  I can’t possibly put it all here for you without a flow chart and I have neither the time or energy or enough beer to develop a flow chart for you.  You guys are cute and all…

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