Christmas Gift

Hart-Bardash Family

Last Christmas, my husband and I agreed to give each other ancestral DNA kits as gifts.  We went with 23andme and found it incredibly easy to do.  The kit was all contained in one box.  After spitting into a tube, sealing it, and placing it back in the box, the package was self-sealing and addressed to the lab.  Voila!

Then, we waited…..

The waiting was a bit hard to do.  We mailed our saliva to the lab about 2 weeks before Christmas, hoping that we might get the results back while we have family in-town for the holidays.

My husband, Chris, was the first to get his results.  We were so excited!  We received an email notifying us that his overall results were ready.  The detailed results would take a few more days.

We logged into his account and quietly viewed his overall composition from the couch, while family buzzed…

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