2011 RoTrip – part 1

Petra is Gone - wondering and wandering

In 2011 I decided that I want to go in a RoTrip, something like a EuroTrip, but in Romania.Castelul Corvinilor 2011 For some months I was just looking on the internet what to visit, with what to travel and where should we sleep. I usually take a big vacation during the summer so the plan was to leave from Bucharest at the end of july and come back in the middle of august.

The first stop was in Sighisoara – a town in the middle of which a medieval town exists.Sighisoara 2011 In each summer a medieval festival is kept in the medieval city so it was a good opportunity to take part of it again. I went for the first time in Sighisoara in 2007 and it was really nice, because during the night a lot of people were just celebrating in the middle of the fortress. Everybody was dancing and singing…

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