Geez, China

Tales of an Awkward, Nerdy Black Girl

So, I’ve been around the world today! My university is having this diversity thing going on today, and I stopped by nearly each table and asked them to tell me a little about their culture:

Iran, Yemen (damn, that guy was sexy, and charming, and funny), Sudan, Palestine, Somalia, and Nepal were very willing to talk about their culture, and I learned some things. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the Brazil, India, Saudi-Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan tables were always too crowded for me to get to and ask questions. Though the guy at the India table was able to write my name in Hindi. So there’s that.

And China. Well… When I asked, they sort of laughed, talked to each other in Chinese, and then told me that they couldn’t tell me anything…
I guess there’s always the internet.

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