rinus van de velde / separate voices underneath the static

Adunăm obsesii


Rinus Van de Velde was born in 1983 and now lives&works in Belgium. More than I like his paintings (the B&W is a plus) I love the literature part – the short texts that seem to be something like David Foster Wallace’s footnotes. Things the painting can’t express. I am a big fan of combining two or more arts. The results are almost always remarcable, this case is just an example. Also take a look at Francois-Marie Banier‘s work.

‘The thing is, you can easily imagine a world without art, but not without hospitals. Art is not essential.’


‘In the end it’s all about finding a way to live in this world, to create your own structure. Everybody has to create his or her own fiction and live in it, otherwise you can’t survive.’

r3for this last one, the text is:

1000 cm x 260 cm, public work…

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