Tim Timaru: Romanian Poet on SL

Nicci's Second Life World

Tim Timaru romantic poetry on SL_008

After finishing advertising my own gallery at Starz Corner, a nice man dropped by and we started talking. He invited me to visit his own gallery and he turned out to be a romantic poet from Romania.

The gallery has an air of old fashioned Europe to it which I really liked. The poetry and the choice of pictures (either in world or in real life) goes very well with his romantic poetry which screams of love, kindness and home. It’s a pleasure for the eyes.

Tim Timaru romantic poetry on SL_013

He gave me a tour and even offered me a few free gifts and I took the time to appreciate the music and sounds of birds while reading some great poetry. I have to point out that I’m usually not a big poetry fan but that I did really appreciate his commitment to the language (and he is Romanian born, not English) and…

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