TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015: Playing Tourist from Deva to Nagyszeben

Tensile Strands

Today did not involve any particular focus on Unitarian history or present, it “just” involved seeing some more beautiful and historic places!

The breakfasts here are usually cold – with slices of ham or sausage or other pieces of meat, slices of cheese, bread and honey or jam.  We will often get butter for our bread, but as I understand it, that’s because they are very familiar now with people from the States and they know we like butter, but it’s not what they usually eat with their bread.

From our guest house in Deva we met up with some others of our group who had spent the night in a hotel.  I walked to a local grocery store and got some chocolate treats – I heard that one of the treats was the Heidi chocolate bar, so in honor of my wife Heidi, I got some!


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