„What does learning mean to you?”

Exhibit Joy

The following is my submission to the 2015 Fall CourseHorse Learner’s Scholarship, coursehorse.com/scholarship

The question I am about to explore and answer is, “What does learning mean to you?”
Is it to live a lifetime searching, wondering, or exploring new things? Or does it have to do with education?

Before I answer these questions, I would like to remark that learning has two sides: the practical and theoretical side. Going to school almost my entire life, I learned a lot of things about this world we live in. Subjects included biology, math, German, history, social science, religion, and so on. These things were valuable to know, but also only theoretical. After graduating from high school in Germany, I moved to Romania for two years to work with an organization called “NetWorks”. They concentrate on helping the Roma gypsies break out of the vicious poverty cycle and ostracizing cultural stereotypes that…

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