Hospitality, Normalcy, and Soft-core cycle touring in Romania

Cycling Elsewhere

I left the hotel room looking like some survivalist’s fallout shelter. It was littered with empty 5 litre bottles of water and empty packets of various bland, long-shelf life food items. I had lost 5 days to a case of food poisoning and, more notably, television; the novelty of lying in bed for hours, ‘catching up on’ (binge watching) particular shows felt oddly reminiscent of my previous, ‘normal’ life and reminded me of one of the reasons why I went on this bike ride in the first place.

But less than 24 hours after that Game of Thrones binge, I found myself setting up my tent in the garden of someone I just met before joining them for a barbeque, a couple of beers, and a conversation that depended more on charades than a common language. It is strange that this sort of thing has become as normal in the…

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