” There’s some incredible places to visit in Romania”, the words of a British living in Romania


A video series entitled ” Romania through their eyes” interviews foreigners that have chosen Romania as their home. While between 2.7-3.5 million Romanians immigrated to Western countries, Romania also has been the country of destination for around 198,839 immigrants from all over the world.

Damian Galvin is a British citizen who came to Romania to do charity work and fell in love with the place. He admitted that one of the reasons for liking the place is because he had an affinity with the Latin culture. He pointed out that he liked Romania for several reasons, such as the fact that the country kept its identity, its old fashion values, that family values are still important and marriage is still viewed as an important institution. However, he believes these things will change in time.

He also noticed how bureaucracy complicates people’s lives. For example, the simple fact of paying the gas…

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