„Romania, come as a tourist, leave as a friend”

Aging Adventurer

Another day, another long train journey and another opportunity to meet and greet the locals confronted me. I was at the train station waiting to go from Belgrade to Brasov. The aging stocky Serbian woman attacked the dilapidated ascent to the railway platform with her cumbersome valises three steps at a time. At each pause she dropped her bags with a thud that almost matched the exasperated sigh from her tar-infested lungs.


A short week ago I would have scrambled down the steps to help her; however, six days of schlepping my backpack through 3 countries had worn me out. I was momentarily shocked that at 60 the woman and I were most likely the same age. We ended up sitting across from one another and conversed for three hours regardless of the fact that neither one of us knew one word of the other’s language. Smiles, nods, and a lifetime…

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