Romanian birds threatened by new hunting law

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This video from Romania, by Finnature from Finland, says about itself:

Bird Photography in Danube delta in Romania

12 December 2014

Finnature and Ultima Frontiera arrange bird photography tours Danube delta are. Excellent opportunities for hide photography of exotic birds! For more info please visit

The video shows many people coming from, eg, Finland, to Romania to watch and photograph birds. This is economically important for Romania. The proposed new hunting law might ruin that.

From BirdLife:

Romanian hunting law threatens wild birds and violates the Birds Directive

By Lisa Benedetti, Tue, 05/05/2015 – 12:58

Romania is about to approve a law that will allow spring hunting and trespassing on private property. The legislation would clearly violate the Birds and Habitats Directives, but it also poses some serious implications for Romanian citizens. BirdLife Romania and other NGOs are on a mission to stop this.

This new…

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