BWE: Wild Romania

I am back from a great trip in the the western parts of Romania. This country is still one of the most natural ones in Europe. The most important mountain range there are the Carpathians. As these mountains are a quite isolated, there are some endemic species.

However, with no real preparations, you are sometimes surprised about your findings. Here is a photo of one of these: The Carpathian Blue SlugBielzia coerulans (in German ‘Blauschnegel’). Yes, Slugs are not the most popular animals, but at least this is fascinating!

Thanks to its colour, it is easy to identify and a real surprise during the first encounter if you are only used to see the common Red SlugsArion rufus in middle Europe (‘Rote Wegschnecke’).

Carpathian Blue Slug - Bielzia coerulans - Blauschnegel

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