Romanian Holiday / Bucharest in May


A cool fresh air and some big fluffy clouds greeted us upon our return to the Netherlands a few days ago, reminding us what spring in Northern Europe feels like!

It`s good to to be back to Amsterdam and, at the same time, I am grateful for the summerish week we spent in Romania. I feel really energized and happy after seeing my family, my close friends and my hometown, Bucharest!

I must say Bucharest looks absolutely gorgeous in May, when the vegetation is abundant and the air smells like acacia and linden flowers.

We took long walks down the city`s major avenues and admired the beautiful, Parisian-like architecture. Even the less impressive buildings dating from the comunist times or the ones never finished looked just right to me and made me think of East Berlin.

But in spite of these comparisons, Bucharest has its own identity. It truly is a special place…

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