The Gentleman’s Guide to Visiting a Brothel – Chapter 1

Comically Short

1. The Journey

Allow me to start at the beginning. My name is Phillip, I was born in late January, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, though my parents, Theodor and Marcelline, were both born and raised in Romania. They emigrated to the U.S. in 1917, after our home got bombed during The Great War. Luck would have it that my entire family had gone to attend a funeral when the bomb fell. Coincidentally, the funeral they were attending was for a cousin who got hit by an auto-vehicle while attempting to outrun the military, who, at the time, were trying to draft him for the war. When they moved to Chicago, my father found work as an accountant, while my mother taught ballet at a school for girls. With two steady incomes, I was brought up in a lovely home and was sent to the best schools money could afford.

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