Understanding the Balkans in 60 seconds or less

A House With No Child

Want to understand the modern Balkans? Here’s a crash course on the Geopolitical lay of the land of the Balkans in 60 seconds or less. Part tongue in cheek, but not really.

Slovenia: EU Haven. Drifting left faster than a cheetah chases a gazelle.

Croatia: Wanted independence, got independence. Still screwed. Leadership groomed and trained in Brussels and Virginia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A combination of Bosniak Muslims, Croats, and Serbs with long memories. The state barely functions by professional European standards.

Serbia: Former power in the Balkans, now an economic and military shadow. Still has that scrappy spirit. Bonded with Russia for over a century.

Romania: Willingly subordinated to America first, the EU second. Desperately wants Moldova back.

Moldova: The people just want to do their thing, but the elites can’t decide if they want to be European or Romanian or both.

Albania: De facto American overseas territory. Complicit in…

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