1st place in the “Top Business Romania microenterprises” rankings!

Hieroglifs International language and design services

Hieroglifs Translations proudly announce they ranked 1st place in the ”Top Business Romania microenterprises” and were awarded the Diploma as the one of the best translation companies in Romania.

This diploma http://www.hieroglifstranslations.ro/About-us/Quality certifies our professionalism and efficient management, recognized and appreciated by employees and customers alike.

Top firme Romania 2013-2014  HIEROGLIFS TRANSLATION SRL B

“This award comes after much hard effort and attempts to develop in many fields. As a passionate entrepreneur, I am very pleased that Hieroglifs Translations has become one of the top translation firms in Romania. We’re grateful for the support from all our partners and clients and proud of your trust. As a result, Hieroglifs Translations will continue its efforts to be even more efficient and generous to its customers and we send warm greetings to all our clients”, said Gianluca Falco, the Romanian office’s director.

Founded in 2008 and having a network of over 2,000 qualified translators, Hieroglifs Translations strives for building…

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