The Travel Bug Episode 18: Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria


PC @ ThoughtsThe last episode around Bosnia, Serbia and Slovakia was filled with great memories from the old Bridge in Mostar to Moslem temple founded by Dervishes and to Ottoman fortress of Kotor, Kravice Waterfalls, Belgrade and its version of Silicon Valley, and finally winding down in Slovakia. That Bug was sure packed with a lot of hidden surprises. 
This time around we find Dave going through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, stopping through a bar under the stars, Transylvania, cruising around Varna and going through a few of its monasteries. Could it top the last episode? We believe it could, but we’ll get you to judge.
And so without further ado..

Budapest (Hungary)

Day 1

After around a 4-hour train journey, I arrived at the hostel in the city of Budapest. Budapest has a population of around 2 million or so and is split in two by the Danube river, one…

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