Chapter ten: My colleagues

Volunteer's guide to the Romania

Sometimes I pull my head out from the clouds, sit down in my room and smoke dream pipe, and remember who I am working with and who I won’t see anymore…

They are nice people, I’m sure they will recognize themselves in the poems, and I hope they have enough sense of humor to forgive me for joking about them. Please don’t shot me, guys, ok? 😀


I was invited to meet this guy in his new flat

It seemed like he’s some important person

and I saw him, he’s huge and strong, but I’m glad

that he’s good in heart, because he weights a tone

Drinking shouting smoking rugby player,

he’s one of those who in their asses have a nitro

For some reason most of the time here he’s a gamer,

but that didn’t change him, his name is still _____


We are all made of…

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