Magdalena Radulescu (1902 – 1983)

Art in Romania

Magdalena RădulescuShe was born in 1902 in Ramnicu Valcea (Oltenia) Romania and grew up in Constanta, which is perhaps why she has this Byzantine influence, Eastern.

At seven she was doing portraits of small Tartars. Later she did landscapes of Balcic. She will not do anymore landscapes but will often return to oriental themes.

At 18 years old she went and did two years of study in art in Munich, with Angerer, and in Paris at the Grande Chaumiere, having as teachers Prinet and Boutet de Montvel. There she met her future husband Massimo Campigli.

At the age of 24, she married the renowned Italian artist, Massimo Campigli (1895-1971).

It irresistibly attracts me all that is pompous, decorated, I like the soldiers, the parades, the fanfares…I am like a child when I see them. The fair remains my greatest passion, the fair-grounds, the places with many spotted people. I like the precious…

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