Month of May


Is it June already? Cause it definitely doesn`t feel so. I`m still wearing the Autumn-Winter clothes of last year… 😦

Anyway, I think it is about time to look back at the month of May and see what exactly is to be remembered out of it, besides the incredibly awful weather we had here in Amsterdam.

collage-2015-06-02 (8)

– Spending May 1st at Boca`s Park with a warm blanket wrapped around my legs, yet with good food & wine and in the nice company of Nico. This, at a time when my Romanian fellows were rushing to the Black Sea to start the beach season 2015;

– Sunday brunch with friends at Drover`s Dog Oost followed by a long afternoon with far too many Gin & Tonics at Walter`s – The Walter Woodburry Bar on Javastraat;

– Holiday in sunny Romania, where I spent quality time with my family and close friends. I was happy…

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