Sighișoara, Transylvania: Dracula font with a side of Dracula sauce

Picnic at the Cathedral

As a rabid fan of medieval hill towns, I was eagerly anticipating Sighișoara, whose 14th century citadel and historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Sighișoara is pretty, with pastel-colored houses all nestled inside a ring of towers.  But mostly, Sighișoara is a Dracula kitsch-encrusted tourist trap.


Some Goth 23 year old graphic designer probably invented the Dracula font.


Vlad is the wrong Dracula anyway.  (He’s the dad, not the torture-loving son).


Just so you understand the level of tourist trap we’re dealing with here: all in one building the lucky traveler to Sighișoara can visit the room were Dracula was born, a torture/weapons museum, and a Dracula themed restaurant.  (The menu of said restaurant contains such delicacies as „Roll Chicken with Dracula Sauce”).


Okay, now I feel guilty for making fun of Sighișoara so here are some pictures showing it’s more historic and un-cheesy aspect.  For example: this view, taken from our hotel balcony.

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