9th June – Day Four

Travelling Memoirs

Today ended my waiting to spend time with the Roma children again and go back to Tarlugeni. The day started off with myself, Charlotte and Becca going to the bakery and market for our daily supplies. We seem to be in a routine now and the man at the market waves when we walk past. I think they appreciate our custom – today we bought almost all of their rhubarb so I’m sure they were very happy with that!

Next I was in the Zuirel centre where the children from Tarlungeni were being showered – this for many is a completely new experience and can sometimes be quite frightening. The children are also given a set of new clothes including shoes and underwear. Two of the children I recognised from two years ago. It’s great to see how they have changed. One child who must be about 3 I realised…

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