Finally in Romania!

Midnight Angel Photo

A Little Romanian ChurchFinally, the plane landed at Bucharest Otopeni Airport in Romania!  I have always wanted to see Romania, partly, for the obvious Dracula content, but also for the beauty of it.  Romania is a very rural country, once you get away from Bucharest.  It is a mix of rolling, green hills, forests, mountains, and rivers.  Throw in some gorgeous old architecture and villages where each house is a different color than its neighbors.  There seemed to be so much charm to Romania, and I just had to see it for myself!

A Little Romanian ChurchWe arrived on a Friday afternoon, to spend a 4 day trip (Memorial weekend) road tripping throughout some of Romania, trying to see as much as we could of the best it had to offer.  However, one of the negatives we quickly found, was the Sixt rental car agency.  It took an eternity for the lady at the desk to…

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