Let me see your living room to tell you who you are

Let me see your living room to tell you who you are

A work  colleague told me a few days ago he saw a French article about Romanians’ awful taste in interior design. It wasn’t a personal critic, but it was the actual title of the article. You can imagine that the next second I was Google-ing it, looking it up and I was pleasantly surprised to discover an interview in which an art and culture passionate, Claudiu Cobilanschi, was talking about one of his latest projects: “The Living Rooms Museum”.


What is The Living Rooms Museum?

For the moment it’s thought to be an online museum, but in reality it’s barely a Facebook page where are regrouped a bunch of photos made by Claudiu Cobilanschi himself when he visited people’s houses in his past, plus other photos sent randomly and voluntarily by a few Romanians, along with some collaborations or significant…

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