List for Living – time for an update

Debs' Journey with Myeloma

I wrote my List for Living  a number of years back now, and it’s amazing to think how it has dated already. I’ve already decided that I hate the title of it….it sounds a bit…..well, not sure of the right word to use as everything I can think of isn’t particularly polite! Naff is the acceptable word I suppose! So anyone who wants to come up with suggestions for me for a title that isn’t a ‘bucket list’ or a ‘list for living’ is very welcome!

But also, there are a number of things on it now where they may end up being the norm…and that’s great….I don’t want to be living every day worrying about my myeloma and I don’t think that I do anymore which is brilliant. To be honest, in some ways it even sounds slightly attention seeking to even have such a list, but it does focus…

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