ONE Week!

Snap 'N' Trek

In just 7 days, the Romania trip will commence! The team members are beginning to show up starting this weekend. Our first 3 days we will be doing team building activities and field prep things. On the 19 we will fly out and land on the 20.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! Especially since this will be the 1st trip I have taken in 10 years that is focused on combining the things I love; photography, missions, travel, and stories. I am so pumped!

The 9 days we spend in country will be spent with our instructors with the intention of honing our skills with media and gathering materials to create a documentary.

In preparation for the preparation, Liz and I (as interns here at ABWE) have been busy rounding up and labeling a bunch of audio gear. In our other days when we have…

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