A Well During the War

Rodica Iova - Author

It was in 1939 when the countries in Europe were torn between Germany and Russia. Germany had occupied Poland on September 1st, 1939, starting the II World War and the Eastern Europe countries became easy prey for the two empires.

It just happened that my grandma was pregnant again with her sixth child. She was 36 years old and grandpa was in his late forties. Their oldest daughter was married and already had a baby, and grandma was ashamed to be with child when she was a grandmother. The news about her pregnancy overwhelmed her. She didn’t tell her husband and began acting strange. She didn’t talk, didn’t eat and did her chores around the house weeping in secret.
„What’s wrong with you?’ grandpa Toghere was asking her, but she wouldn’t say a word.

„Your mom is sick,” he confessed to his oldest daughter. „She doesn’t want to tell me…

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