„Frozen” on a rural Romanian road

will travel with kids

Before we arrived in Romania, Romanians and foreigners alike warned us of the poor quality of the roads.  After expecting the worst, I have been pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps compared to more developed (and not post-communist) European countries, the roads leave much to be desired.  Few markings, no shoulders, ditches and drop-offs are a hazard at night.  Add to that commuters, children and the elderly on bicycles; and horse carts and gypsy caravans on major thoroughfares – it makes for some concentrated driving.  And then, in some cases, throw in potholes.

In most cases the potholes are not complete manhole-size washouts, but simply cracks in the top layer of tarmac that have deteriorated and left pockmarks and bumpy patches on an otherwise fine road.  They won’t break your axle, but they will certainly wear on the shocks – and create some unique arrangements of music when every bump makes the CD…

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