Namaste India with love Romania

Perspectives in Pixels

We travelled up to an Indian festival in the northern part of Bucharest city. STOP right there WHAT?

I say UP because we were coming from Bulgaria and it involved a long bus journey via Russse and Varna. Anyway enough of that, here are some picture taken on a very very hot day, and I did try to capture that heat.

The festival was held in a mock old village (nice solid oak houses) and actually that was a lot more exciting than the festival (sorry organisers) but there didn’t seem to be very much to actually get your teeth into. There was supposed to be stalls showing ‘the art of wearing a sari’ and ‘dance workshops’ & maybe that happened on the other days,so again apologies if I am selling it short. We concluded that the events will get better as the years go on and for now it…

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