WWF Romania to release Catalogue of Romania’s Virgin and Quasi-Virgin Forests

Vita Sylvae Conservation

As of next year, Romania will have a National Catalogue of Virgin and Quasi-Virgin Forests, produced and supported by World Wide Fund (WWF) Romania, director of the environmental organization Csibi Magor told Agerpres.

„We are working on the National Catalogue of Virgin and Quasi-Virgin Forests to be released next year. We will also get involved in the development of the 2015-2020 National Forestry Strategy,” said the head of WWF Romania.
He also mentioned that the organization under his conduct has managed to include in Romania’s General Transport Masterplan mentions on avoiding habitat destruction.
„For brown bears, we want broad, continuous habitats, and we are on the right track with securing the ecological corridors in Maramures — those green strips that are essential for the animals’ traveling, food, shelter and mating needs.

(…) According to WWF Romania data, the Carpathian eco-region is currently home to 322,000 hectares of virgin forest, the…

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