Brasov, Romania

Wraitli Exbuis Nostri Noxvra

This is where I am from, as a little girl I was here until age 4, and then in the early 80’s was sent to America to live with my father’s uncle, which was my great uncle. I like to check up on the old country every now and again. I like the buildings the most, with the spires’ truly looks like it would have in the 13th century as well.

The Black Church Picture taken by Listed on Wikipedia From June 5th, 2005

Most do not know that I am adopted as my parent’s were not very well off at the time and believed my life in America would be more well off. I don’t speak allot about my upbringing or child hood or real life online, as my life is personal.

I also have Volsci ancestry from Italy, from my mother’s side as well as my father.

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