Europe’s last virgin forests in danger

Vita Sylvae Conservation

The Romanian authorities have the construction of the national road 66A agreed that threatens two of the last European virgin forests, according to WWF. After completion, the road would lead through two national parks in the west of the country.

„The State Environmental Protection Administration has defied with planning permission about the fact that it is in the affected area to a strict reserve is” criticized Andreas Beckmann, Director of WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme. „The Environmental Impact Assessment was a farce and has been dealt with in five days.” The consequences of the road construction on the ecosystem would in the decision underlying complacency study does not even mention. They also state that, as the charge of WWF, built since five years illegally subsections.

The endangered nature reserve complex includes the Domogled- and the Retezat National Park with a total area of ​​approximately 100,000 hectares. In the largely pristine wilderness areas…

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