The Biserica Valea Danului

Midnight Angel Photo

The Biserica Valea DanuluiAs we piled back in the car after the gorgeous Mănăstirea Curtea de Argeş, we decided we had just enough daylight left to continue north to see one more little church in Valea Danului… 

The Biserica Valea DanuluiThe Biserica Valea Danului, like the churches that had come before it, was not a disappointment.  Leading up to the church was a long stairway to the little entrance tower.

The Biserica Valea DanuluiThe entrance around the door was heavily painted with various saints and scenes.  I fell in love with this style of decorating churches back in Crete.  So many of the little old churches there had paintings of saints like this.

The Biserica Valea DanuluiInside the entrance/tower, on the side wall was this simple display.  Simplicity can be so beautiful and peaceful.

The Biserica Valea DanuluiThe little biserica, like the other churches, had saints painted around the top of it below the roof.  These stark white churches, with their golden saints are so…

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