Roaming Romania – Part 1

From London to Singapore overland

Bucharest, Day 54-56

Romania-40A constant in this trip has been surprise, and arriving in Bucharest was no exception. I surprised myself at defensively putting my hand on my wallet when I felt somebody passing by behind me. I surprised myself at being unwilling to cross a road, even on zebras, for fear of being run over by oncoming traffic. „Les cliches ont la vie dure”.

In the end, it is Romania that surprised me.
Traveling helps you measure the distance between perception and reality. Honest, Polite and with an interesting hint of latin about themselves, Romanians have been very welcoming to us, and often, in very decent French. And it is much safer crossing roads than in London or Paris by the way.
Bucharest is charming. The most noticeable fact about the city is the alternance of nice well maintained or restored buildings and the ones left to rot, often occupied by squatters. A…

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