Bucharest to Berlin

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The trip from Albania to Romania was cheap.. not quick.
It began with 4 buses over 12 hours from Sarande, Albania –> Ohrid, Macedonia. One night and day in Ohrid before an 11 hour overnight bus –> Sofia, Bulgaria, where I slept in the train station (next to the bums) for 4 hours until catching a 9 hour train –> Bucharest, Romania.

DSC_0026Understandably my first night in Bucharest was more about recuperating than exploring. Taylor flew in a few hours after me, so I made a venture to the grocery store to stock up our Airbnb apartment before he arrived. The next day we hit the city, and first on the list of sights was the world’s second largest building, next to the Pentagon. This is Bucharest’s Parliament Palace – we literally couldn’t stand far enough back to get the whole thing in one photo.

We were itching to check out…

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