S.F. in Romania :)

Let life be good to you

Now traveling deep underground into an abandoned mine might not sound like the a great way to spend your holiday.

But if you’re talking about the old mine named ‘Salina Turda‘ in Romania, that poses an entirely different proposition all together.

It was created to extract simple salt deposits, unlike most mines which focus on unearthing gold or other richer minerals.

Since being abandoned in 1932, it’s been used for a variety of different purposes. First during World War 2, as an anti-aircraft shelter and then later as a cheese warehouse of all things. Back in 1992 however, the Romanian government declared it a tourism site – open for the world to visit and explore.

Today it’s a breathtaking modern museum, filled with all manner of machinery with more than few nods to its former lives. As a result of its rich heritage and unique surroundings, it’s now…

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