Romania: Part One

Weathered Wayfarer

I’ve been in Romania for a couple of weeks, and I have to say I’ve rather enjoyed myself so far. In part, of course this is due to my most fabulous host, who is wonderful, without peer, and definitely not totally certain to read this entry.
Smoothly done. *fist pump* 

Arriving to Bucharest was slightly worrying to begin with, as I noticed a police car’s lights and uniformed officers arriving at the plane before I’d even gotten my luggage out of the rack, but it turns out it was entirely uneventful, as the person that was sitting directly behind me was suddenly handcuffed and led out of the back of the plane, despite there being no incidents on the plane. I guess it was the kind of international prisoner transfer you might see in the media. The things some people will do to get off the plane first, eh?


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