Brasov, Romania – [Tue 7/7 thru Thru 7/9]


We arrived early on a Tuesday morning in Brasov, Romania. Brasov is a beautiful town at the foot of mount Mt. Tampa in the heart of Transylvania, a beautiful land full of green mountains and castles and mystery. We’ll get to more of that later.

Brasov-8 Piata Sfatului square with „Brasov” sign in background

After finding our hotel and checking in, we walked down and through the main square, Piata Sfatului, with its old buildings including the 1420 council house and the famous Black Church built in the 1300’s and 1400’s and found a place for lunch. After lunch we bought tickets to go inside the Black Church. It was well worth it. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside. It is the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul and it is gorgeous. It is still an active German Lutherin church and holds many of the original pews…

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