My eternal respect for Cristiano Ronaldo

                 Well, we love soccer. Who doesn’t? Only the ones who say, stupid game, 22 idiots pass the ball from
one to another and tens of thousands of hooligans watch.

But we love soccer, the art of War. A team is like an Army, the coach is the General. The Championship is the Empire.

We like to say that we understand the game, we understand the genius of super-players like Messi and Ronaldo and many, many others.

You can find millions of stories and talkbacks about them but my story is quite unique. And it’s about Ronaldo.

All my life ( I am 57 today ) I suffered from…dandruff. Snow on my clothes the whole year. I have tried all the shampoos and the medical shampoos, everything. I was ashamed, nervous, disgusted, unhappy, felt bad all these years. Many years.

One day I watched a sport channel, I don’t remember which one. I saw Ronaldo brushing his black and shining hair and he used CLEAR man shampoo. I said, let me try, maybe Cristiano used it indeed. You know, everybody does it for the money, they don’t use it after all but this was not important for me.

Since then, a few years, good years, I am completely healed. Please do not even think that I promote the shampoo.
It’s made in Turkey and I don’t like Erdogan and his hypocrisy. I would boycott them but all my respect for the CLEAR formula, all the respect for that factory and it’s employees. My blessings go to them many times a year. Due to Ronaldo. His shampoo healed me. Fucking true, at my age I still have good hair, now, without dandruff.

Look what I found today on the Internet:

An international group of astronomers discovered a new galaxy, and named it afterReal Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo (aka CR7) is a star player for Real Madrid. The CR7 galaxy is a collection of millions of stars.Jun 17, 2015

The pride is boiling inside me. He was promoted by a Romanian coach, had a Romanian girlfriend and I presume he healed a not known number of Romanians who were influenced by his commercial, one of them is me.

Cristiano, you will be always in a Romanian heart. At least in mine. If Real Madrid takes all the cups this year is because I wrote this story and sent my gratitude and good luck to you. And if it is not so, maybe Atletico? …joking man. Barca of course….joking again. Celta Vigo? 🙂

I wonder if having a galaxy named after you is not the maximum a man could wish? But I think being the best soccer player of all times it may better for you. Go for it !!!! Maradona hates Romania since 1994, I think. He is high but not the best. Mostly high. Messi is problematic, he has the national team phobia.

So, this is the end of my story, hope you liked it.

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